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The Watch As An Essential Training Tool

Summer 2012 Newsletter

The Watch As An Essential Training Tool


Have you ever finished a workout and wondered how far you ran or biked? How much stronger or slower were you from the start to the finish? Being able to track these variables will help you achieve your goals and make your workouts a lot more fun. If you will be training this summer to get fit for life, preparing for a triathlon or cranking things up for a half/full marathon in the fall, it may be time to consider a GPS watch. There are now many to choose from, no matter what the goal.

What makes a GPS watch different from a standard athletic watch is its ability to accurately measure your distance and pace. This takes a lot of the guessing out of your workouts. It also allows you to explore new routes while keeping you honest about your mileage and speed. Many GPS watches include a pacer, allowing you to race against yourself from a previous workout – or set a pace to aspire to. More advanced watches can display running cadence, distance per stroke while swimming, or how to return home using a built-in compass. The chart below compares two of the most popular and most basic watches sold in our store.

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