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Our Origin Story

The Running Place started with a simple mantra: be welcoming to all. It was something Pattie Bucaccio and Joan Osborne — our founders as well as runners themselves — had felt was not really being embraced by the running industry as a whole. They wanted to offer a place for all people to get the best footwear and apparel on the market, not just experienced runners. It’s a mindset we carry on today. We are here to serve teachers and nurses and workers who spend a lot of time on their feet just as much as we are for runners training for a race. 

So, in March of 2001, they opened the doors for the first time. Together they grew the shop for years until Joan was ready to move on. Bill Frawley — a well-known runner who had already been working at the shop — was a natural fit to take Joan’s spot as co-owner along with Pattie. They continued to embrace the original mantra of helping customers find the best products to meet their needs. Not too long after that, a similar transition took place with Pattie leaving and Ken Taylor — also an employee — taking over. 

Thus began the Bill and Ken years. 

While the belief system of the shop has not changed since that first year, some other things have. One of the biggest changes overseen by these two was the relocation of the shop back in 2014 from its original location in the Newtown Square Shopping Center to its current storefront. (Fun fact for locals: the current location used to be the original D&K Appliance showroom!). The move was necessitated by the growing clientele. By doubling the space, the shop was able to stock more shoes and gear to fulfill more needs in the community.

Today, with Bill now residing on the West Coast, Ken has taken over full control of The Running Place. With a dedicated and knowledgeable staff, the shop is growing daily. One thing has not — and will not — change, though: the mission. The shop has done everything to maintain a welcoming environment to all and to get people moving forward in a more positive way. So, if you are training for a race or just need good shoes for your work or home life, we can’t wait to meet you.

Photo of the exterior of the old The Running Place store in the Newtown Square Shopping Mall.
A portrait of Ken and Bill outside of The Running Place's new location.
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