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Spring 2012 Newsletter

Inspiring Passion for the Sport


JoAnn Meyer began her career as a runner in the seventh grade, when she was enrolled in the after school cross country program by her mother. Little did she know at the time, but her interest in the sport would eventually blossom into a full-fledged business, centered on the importance of taking the first step towards achieving one’s fitness goals. She continued running up until her senior year of high school, before going on to West Virginia University, where she became a member of the rowing team. This athletic background

helped to contribute to JoAnn’s success when she decided to begin work in the field of personal training and later when she went on to become a running coach.

If asked to guess for what purpose a business established under the name “Hope4Future” was created, many would assume it was a charity, or an organization formed to raise awareness for a particular cause. In a way, this assessment is true. JoAnn’s goal is to encourage others to take the first step towards living a healthier

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