• The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ...

  • Whether you are pounding the pavement or treadmill trotting ...

  • Just remember one thing ...

  • It all starts with the proper shoes Stop in and see why

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Virtual Fitting Process

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Personalized Bra Fittings

80% of ladies are wearing the wrong size bra, so stop in and be fitted properly. Our staff ladies specialize in the proper measuring and fitting of sport's bras for all sizes. We carry one of the largest specialty sports bra selections on the East Coast. Stop in at anytime... Read More »

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Wishing for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

I’m sure you have heard, and probably have yourself said, some version of these statements that have been prevalent over the last six months: ‘These are strange days we’re living in;’ and, ‘I can’t wait until things are back to normal.’ Unfortunately, it seems dissipation of the strangeness and a return to normality is still at least several months away.


We are wishing for a happy and healthy holiday season. To realize these goals, we need your help.

To help us all stay healthy through this season and safely get to ‘normal’ at the other end of the pandemic, The Running Place’s COVID protocol is meant to assist in adhering to three basic practices to prevent transmission:  covering your nose and mouth, keeping your hands clean, and maintaining six feet distance from others.

Appointments are strongly encouraged to manage traffic flow, maintain safe occupancy limits, and provide space for everyone to safely distance from each other.

Health Precautions Being Observed at The Running Place:

•             Mask MUST be worn covering mouth AND nose at all times while inside the store.

•             Hand sanitizing is required upon entering.

•             Distancing is observed.

•             Fitting stations are all separate from each other and are sanitized between each fitting.

•             Occupancy is limited to allow for proper distancing.

•             All shoes and apparel that are tried on are treated with UV light and/or kept out of stock for three days.

•             If you are not comfortable coming in, we can arrange curbside pickup, delivery, or free shipping.


Appointments are scheduled on the hour and half hour from store opening until 30 minutes before closing. To schedule your appointment:

Call 610.353.8826

Email therunningplace@gmail.com


The Right Foot Forward Your Experience

At The Running Place, our goal is to ensure that you not only receive the right shoes, but also understand the reasons behind the choice. We provide free consultations, where we perform a gait analysis, inspect your worn out shoes for telling wear patterns, and talk with you about any injury history. All of this information helps us determine what shoe type is best for you.


Every journey begins with the first step. Before you take that first step, make sure you have the right shoes to get you where you are going. There are high arches, flat arches, and all heights in between. Some feet are rigid and some are flexible. There are different categories of shoes - different foot types are more comfortable and perform better in the right category. We will help you determine your foot type and which category best suits your needs.

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