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The Correct Shoe for Your Foot

When you come into The Running Place, the first thing we will do is check out your feet. Having the correct shoes is a lot like having the right size pants on your body. Too large and the shoe will slide around and cause problems, too small and your foot will be squeezed. But, unlike other articles of clothing, shoes have another level to consider as well: arch support. Everyone’s feet have a unique shape to them and a specific way they move. Having the right arch support for your foot is imperative to keeping you healthy. 

Getting Your Moving in a More Positive Way
  1. We start by watching how you walk. No need to schedule anything, just come into the shop and one of our employees can help you out on the spot. We will have you walk a little as we watch how your feet work. By looking at your foot structure and watching your gait, we can get a better idea for what shoes would work best for you.
  2. After that, and along with listening to what you are hoping to find shoes for (running/working/daily life) we can start trying shoes on.
  3. You can walk around the shop, use our in-house treadmill, and even head outside to test the shoes a bit. When you are happy with what you have on, then we can keep track of your purchase for the next time!  
Photo of TRP owner Ken Taylor and Shoe Seller Ann under a tent at a race. Ann is showing off a shoe and there is a table of shoes and socks spread out in front of them.
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