Newsletter Archive

Welcome to our newsletter archives page. Here you will be able to glance back at our past quarterly newsletters with a simple click below. You will find great stories of local runners and their families, as well as many healthful tips. We hope that you find these past pieces both inspirational and informative.

Fall 2018

1) Running with the Dogs
2) TRP Runs Italy
3) 3rd Annual Pints in the Square 5K and Beerfest
4) The Doctor Speaks: Common Running Injuries and How to Treat them. Download PDF »

Summer 2018

1) New Faces at The Running Place
2) Becky's Boston Marathon Experience
3) Meet the Physical Therapist - Brian Joslin of Xcelerate
4) The Annual Sidewalk Sale Summer 18 »

Spring 2018

1) Fixing Humpty Dumpty - Ken's Running Assessment
2) In Memory of Jason Kilderry - Bone Marrow Donor Drive
3) Fitness Walking Class
4) Running 201 Class Spring 2018 »

Winter 2017

1) A Season of Giving: BETHESDA PROJECT
2) Gift Guide
3) Small Business Saturday
4) ThorLo Sock Amnesty Winter 2017 »

Fall 2017

1) New Paths to Tread - Index of Previous NPtT Articles
2) A Runner's Workshop
3) Every Step Counts, Get Out and Walk - Benefits of Walking Fall 2017 »

Summer 2017

1) New Paths to Tread: Media - Rocky Run, Darlington, and Cornucopia Trails
2) Run Happy, Run Responsibly - Brooks
3) Recover Better, Feel Better, Race Better - With Coach Jason Kilderry
4) 16th Annual Sidewalk Sale Summer 2017 »

Spring 2017

1a) New Paths to Tread - Media - Chester Creek Trail, Linvill and Indian Orchard Trails
1b) New Paths to Tread - Aston/Brookhaven - Chester Creek Trail
2) Looking for Walkers - Fitness Walking Tips
3) Join The Running Place Team - Love Run, MuckFest, Beginner Running Class, Fitness Walking Class, Monday Night Runs
4) Ask the Physical Therapist - Mike Quintans of Excel PT Spring 2017 »

Winter 2016

1) Snowy Nights, Running Lights
2) Run Outside through the Winter
3) Holiday Gift Guide Winter 2016 »

Fall 2016

1) New Paths to Tread - Newtown Square - Liseter and Newtown Meadow Preserve
2) Get Back on the Road with Graston
3) Monday Night Run FAQs
4) Marathon / Half-marathon Tips Fall 2016 »

Summer 2016

1) Common Hip Injuries - Piriformis Syndrome and ITB Syndrome
2) Sidewalk Sale
3) New Faces at The Running Places - Meet new staff members Summer 2016 »

Spring 2016

1) Saucony - Innovation ... and Style
2) New Paths to Tread - Havertown - Pennsy Trail and Powder Mill Valley Trails
3) Run with The Running Place - Leap Run, Love Run, MuckFest MS, Spring 2016 »

Winter 2015

1) 'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving
2) Gift Guide "Buy Local"
3) Reindeer Romp "Run Local" Winter 2015 »

Fall 2015

1) Trail Etiquette
2) New Paths to Tread - Newtown Square - Okehocking Preserve
3) Support your Running Habit with the Right Sports Bra Fall 2015 »

Summer 2015: We've moved!!!

1) Plantar Fasciitis, Oh No!!!
2) The PT is in
3a) New Paths to Tread - Swarthmore - Crum Woods Trails
3b) New Paths to Tread - Springfield - Smedley Park
4) June 6th & 7th Sidewalk Sale Summer 2015 »

Spring 2015: We've Moved!!!

1) Find A Four-Legged Running Buddy
2) Kinesio Tape
3) Runner's Forum
4) Beginner Registration Form Spring 2015 »

Winter 2014: We've Moved!!!

1) Bigger Space, Bigger Selection
2) Holiday Gift Guide
3) Small Business Saturday
4) Super Sunday and Prediction Run Winter 2014 »

Fall 2014: We've Moved !!!!

1) Going the Distance: What makes a Runner?
2) The Barefoot Running Trend
3) New Paths to Tread - Bala Cynwyd - Cynwyd Heritage Trail Fall 2014 »

Summer 2014 Alert: We Are Moving!!!

1) Grand Opening in New Location
2) A Brief History of the Running Place
3) Saucony - New Shoes for Summer
4) Bill & Ken's Excellent Adventure - Boston Marathon Race Recap Summer 2014 »

Spring 2014

1) The Science of Sweat - Sweat Loss and Hydration, an Experiment
2) Bill & Ken's Excellent Adventure - Off to Boston Marathon
3) Brooks Transcend - Introduction of a Transcendent Shoe
4) New Paths to Tread - Haverford - Haverford Nature Trail at Haverford College Spring 2014 »

Winter 2013

1) Dress to Defeat the Cold
2) Holiday Gift Guide
3) New Paths to Tread - Malvern - Natural Lands Willisbrook Preserve
3) New Paths to Tread - West Chester - East Goshen Park and Applebrook Park Winter 2013 »

Fall 2013

1) Seek ILLUMINATION for the Fall - Guide for Staying Safe as the Darkness grows and the Leaves Fall
2) Shoe Cushioning - What's the Right Amount for You?
3a) New Paths to Tread - Villanova - The Willows, Skunk Hollow, Saw Mill Park
3b) New Paths to Tread - King of Prussia, Exton - Chester Valley Trail Fall 2013 »

Summer 2013

1a) New Paths to Tread - Prospect Park - Heinz Wildlife Refuge Darby Creek Side Trails
1b) New Paths to Tread - Newtown Square - Goshen Trail
1c) New Paths to Tread - Haverford - Haverford Reserve, Darby Creek Side Trails
2) Saucony - Run for Good and New Shoe Updates
3) Take Care of your Glutes - Exercises to Strengthen your Glutes Summer 2013 »

Spring 2013

1) The Journey from newbie to "Real Runner"
2) One Size does not fit all (Training)
3) There is a Brooks shoe made just for you Spring 2013 »

Winter 2012

1) A chat with Coach Mark (Coach's Corner)
2) Small Business Saturday
3) Holiday Gift Guide: Winter Tool Chest
4) Super Sunday Events Winter 2012 »

Summer 2012

1) The watch as an essential training tool
2) Saucony Shoes "Lower and Lighter"
3) Fun on the run in the Summer
4) Annual Sidewalk Sale Summer 2012 »

Spring 2012

1) Inspiring passion for the sport
2) Brooks Pure Project has arrived
3) Get ready to run with a dynamic warm-up Spring 2012 »

The Right Foot Forward Your Experience

At The Running Place, our goal is to ensure that you not only receive the right shoes, but also understand the reasons behind the choice. We provide free consultations, where we perform a gait analysis, inspect your worn out shoes for telling wear patterns, and talk with you about any injury history. All of this information helps us determine what shoe type is best for you.


Every journey begins with the first step. Before you take that first step, make sure you have the right shoes to get you where you are going. There are high arches, flat arches, and all heights in between. Some feet are rigid and some are flexible. There are different categories of shoes - different foot types are more comfortable and perform better in the right category. We will help you determine your foot type and which category best suits your needs.