New Apparel Lines VUORI and JANJI

Vuori and Janji create unique and beautiful styles in addition to amazing comfort.

The Vuori Caspian Legging (pictured) has a beautiful tonal print with refelctive logos to keep you seen in low light. The performance stretch knit is moisture wicking to keep you comfy on long runs. The high-rise fit is extra comfortable and the zip pocket on the back waistband will easily sotre a card or key.

Of course, there are the lots of other gift options that can bring comfort, warmth, and safety to the runners and walkers in your life. Shop on by and we will gladly help you navigate the possibilities.



The Right Foot Forward Your Experience

At The Running Place, our goal is to ensure that you not only receive the right shoes, but also understand the reasons behind the choice. We provide free consultations, where we perform a gait analysis, inspect your worn out shoes for telling wear patterns, and talk with you about any injury history. All of this information helps us determine what shoe type is best for you.


Every journey begins with the first step. Before you take that first step, make sure you have the right shoes to get you where you are going. There are high arches, flat arches, and all heights in between. Some feet are rigid and some are flexible. There are different categories of shoes - different foot types are more comfortable and perform better in the right category. We will help you determine your foot type and which category best suits your needs.