About Us

The Running Place opened its doors in March 2001 in its current Newtown Square location. Pattie Bucaccio and Joan Osborne went into the business to help both walkers and runners find the best footwear and apparel available on the market. In 2009, Joan retired and Bill Frawley became co-owner with Pattie. Bill had worked at the store since 2004, so it was a natural transition into ownership. Pattie and Bill continue to embrace the original goal of helping customers find the best products to meet their needs.

Thanks to you, our loyal customers, The Running Place continues to grow and prosper. Recently we received one of our greatest compliments from a customer – a mother came in with her teenage daughters, both run for their high school track team. They had just come from a sporting goods store, where a shopper overheard them talking about getting running shoes. She told them that the only place to get expert advice for running shoes was The Running Place. They had not heard of our store before, but promptly left and came to us. Wow, what validation!

We wouldn't expect loyalty without doing everything possible to keep you satisfied. From the get-go we've realized the key to success is to offer expert advice and caring service. Isn't that the reason anyone would go to a specialty store? By now you know that we're passionate about what we do and truly enjoy it. We're fortunate to have a dedicated staff that matches our philosophy and passion.

The Running Place Staff

Bill Frawley

Bill Frawley

Bill started running when he was cut from his H.S. freshman basketball team, and then joined the winter track program. After a self-described lackluster college career, Bill graduated from Niagara University and committed himself to approaching the running potential he felt he hadn’t realized in college. He spent the next 14 years working in specialty shops which offered flexible hours and allowed the time and energy to pursue his running goals. In that time Bill achieved elite level PRs – marathon 2:17.34, half-marathon 63:25, 10K 29:23 and 5K 14:19. He also qualified for and ran the 1996 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, where he had the thrill of racing against the nation’s top marathoners. Bill says, "years and years of running and working with runners has provided me with a wealth of experience to draw on when fitting customers with shoes, answering training questions, and solving issues of aches and pains."

The Right Foot Forward Your Experience

At The Running Place, our goal is to ensure that you not only receive the right shoes, but also understand the reasons behind the choice. We provide free consultations, where we perform a gait analysis, inspect your worn out shoes for telling wear patterns, and talk with you about any injury history. All of this information helps us determine what shoe type is best for you.


Every journey begins with the first step. Before you take that first step, make sure you have the right shoes to get you where you are going. There are high arches, flat arches, and all heights in between. Some feet are rigid and some are flexible. There are different categories of shoes - different foot types are more comfortable and perform better in the right category. We will help you determine your foot type and which category best suits your needs.